MAASTER GAIDEN: Like It Never Happened: CD

Mar 14, 2007

Prepared as I was to hate this CD based solely on the band name (a reference to an old Nintendo game, perhaps?), it proved impossible. The songs on Like It Never Happened capture the frustration, anger, and disappointment of being a young, awkward punk whose girl left him, who can’t fit in, whose doctor says it’s time to be medicated. Maaster Gaiden takes the shit that this monkey called life flings at them and celebrates it, using it to fuel songs that lead to wild, flailing, liberating catharsis. They’ve taken their Scared of Chaka and Marked Men records, chewed them up, swallowed them, regurgitated the best bits, and spit them out as something their own. God-fucking-damn, is this good! When they come through my town, I’ll be standing in the front row, singing every word, smiling, and going ape shit.

 –benke (Big Action)

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