M SECTION: M Section Vs the Immortal Jellyfish: CD

Jul 28, 2014

This four-piece band from Santa Rosa have an affinity for dressing up as luchadors and have released a twelve-track CD that absolutely shreds. Every moment in this album is concentrated intensity from all aspects. Reminiscent ofPunk in Drublic-era NOFX. They’re a lot more thrashy and gritty than their predecessor but not afraid to try different things and creatively experiment with their sound. These guys are closer to Propagandhi when they started to sound more metal. Most songs are an all-out assault on your ear drums with face-melting speed, but they also take time out for well-placed solos and break downs, but even those tempo changes are brief. The vocals are gruff and filled with a drunken-like rage likely to incite many a circle pit. Subject matters vary between politics and humor: from hating on bullshit squatter Occupy “protesters,” to Bigfoot’s dick, to the West Memphis Three, to their love of BLTs. Expect everything all at once and you’ll still be surprised.

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released)