M SECTION: Eat Your Feelings: 7”

Nov 02, 2015

This four piece from Santa Rosa have followed up their 2013 full-length (Vs. The Immortal Jellyfish) with a killer five-song EP. While they do wear Mexican luchador masks as a signature move, these dudes are certainly not wrestling with their instruments.Eat Your Feelings checks in heavier than their last release with dirtier production, and it’s somehow more metal. While one guitar just shreds riffs like paper in an office appliance, the other wails with whammy-induced solos. The drumming of M Section is super intense and fast—but not overbearing—and the bass keeps pace really well. Songs are introspective, smart, and have a “coming of age” sense to them. In their song “The Bills,” they cover an alternative idea of success that isn’t defined monetarily. With lyrics like “This one goes out to the ones that work to live / Job titles don’t define us, we’ve got so much more to give,” I’m confronted with issues that I can absolutely relate to. The track “Mirror of Confusion” looks at themes of glossing over depression / mental blocks just to carry on day to day, instead of tackling these beasts head on. All of these topics are presented skillfully in concise AABB rhyming patterns, spat out with a punk snarl, and resonated with intense hardcore breakdowns. Definitely a refreshing response to their full-length release. It’s really nice to watch a band grow like this.

 –Kayla Greet (Dump Truck / Sweet Lodge)