LYME REGIS: Self-titled: 7”

Aug 01, 2006

Composed of two-thirds FM Knives and one-third Other Dude, the mighty SmartGuy press machine is already touting the band as “The Jam to the FM Knives Buzzcocks”—after a quick compare/contrast of the three Lyme Regis originals to the “unrecorded FM Knives gem” “Suffer, Suffer,” it might be posited that a more correct range of values would suggest L. Regis are more like the Foxton/Diggle to the FM Knives’ Weller/Shelley, but it is early in the game and i have not done all the math so i’ll need to get back to you on that. Basically, at present, this band is one of those bands that is made up of former members of a band i really liked, and sound just different enough from the original band that they are not that band, but yet do not sound different enough to be a wholly different animal. That is to say, Lyme Regis is the Raydios—not the Tweezers—to the FM Knives’ Teengenerate (now that i think about it, this sleeve looks kinda like Teengenerate’s “Flyin’ Over You” 45) (but worse). They are the Gaza Strippers—not the Lee Harvey Oswald Band—to the FM Knives’ Didjits (not that anyone in the Didjits was ever in the Lee Harvey Oswald Band! Absolutely not! No sir!). Essentially, they sound alternately too much and not enough like the FM Knives—although, to be fair, “USA” sounds more like a revved-up, vaguely politicized Real Kids; “Million Years” is one of those faux-soul downtempo fifth/sixth Jam album things; and “It Starts With The Band” is merely generic mod/power pop (flavored with Arco Arena cowbell clunking), so i admit there is moderate probability i do not know from whence i speaketh. Not a bad record by any means, but ditching the WORST BAND NAME EVER before it becomes unditchable might indeed be a step in the right direction. BEST SONG: “USA” BEST SONG TITLE: I’m not voting for “USA” so it had better be “Suffer, Suffer” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “National Advertising”

 –norb (SmartGuy)

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