LYCKA TILL: Rakt over Munnen: LP

Moments like these are among the best musical moments. Moments like these are, maybe, why music and language were invented in the first place. “You are not crazy. You are not alone. There is a lot of fucked up stuff in this world. You aren’t the only one who sees it. And, maybe, if the small voice that you are decides to raise a righteous fuss, others will join in with you.” These are the comforting thoughts that I had while listening to Sweden’s folk-punk act Lycka Till’s album, Rakt over Munnen. My great grandfather was born in Sweden, but I didn’t know what the fuck these people were singing about until I found the photocopied zine inside the record with beautiful, rebellious lyrics in English and a group of punks carrying a banner that translated, “Norrland Against Racism.” Here in the United States, people are still in shock, still organizing, still facing the consequences of speaking out against killer cops in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York. It was the perfect night to discover this record and hear that, in anger and frustration at the senseless violence laid upon the people by the powers that be, we are not crazy. We are not alone. 

 –John Mule (Dragabang)