Nov 04, 2008

Y’know, I see why people dig bands like Luxury Sweets and The Greatest Hits. It’s nice to put on a record and just dance around your living room to from time to time, and I assume their shows are real ass-shakers. I just can’t help but feel that, to me, this genre of “punk” is what Poison or Cinderella were to the serious metal folks in the ‘80s. Do you follow me? There’s no question that these cats can write some incredibly catchy post-Dolls/Undertones pop songs, but the whole package—musically, lyrically, visually—is just from this whole other bleached hair and neon tights world that I really have no interest in being a part of. Again, there are a lot of people who would just eat this up, because it’s near-perfectly executed and totally accessible, but it’s just lacking a lot of what I look for in punk rock. 

 –Dave William (Desert Island)

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