LUSTRA: Self-titled: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Formerly named Seventeen, from the Boston area, and now transplanted to the smog of LA with a new name, this is a band that definitely has goals to make it on a major. The production is big and recorded with a big time producer. Musically, they veer into different directions, from the garage sound of Nebula, to mystical sounds of the Beatles during the Sgt. Peppers period, to the industrial dance sounds of the Wax Trax label out of Chicago, to the ‘80s new wave sounds of Australians Split Enz or on their last track "Papilion," play a punked out tune that the Beastie Boys might have made. I know people have different influences in music, but the music just doesn’t seemed focused. The songs’ styles are all over the place and may confuse a listener if they like one style or the other. I personally think that a band has to have some type of a focused sound for people to identify with. They're a great party atmosphere band that can hit all the bases, but didn’t bring up the excitement factor for me. Who knows if they become big? I’m only one person sitting alone in front of a computer listening to this by myself.

 –don (X Off)

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