LURKING CORPSES, THE: 23 Tales of Terror: CD

Apr 02, 2009

About 80% of this album is hard to tell apart from Danzig-era Misfits. If I drifted off and wasn’t paying attention to the CD, I would eventually think in the back of my mind, “Hey, someone’s playing The Misfits.” The music, lyrics and even the voice are all almost just like them. However, it seems like every now and then the singer would lose the microphone down his throat and suddenly sound like a gravelly throated death metal singer. What killed me was later in the CD, it sounds like the gay falsetto voiced singer from The Darkness sneaks into the studio and throws in his god awful wails sporadically. With the CD totaling 23 tracks and the vocals taking a turn for the worse 20% of the songs, I think those into Misfits rip off horror punk would enjoy this.

 –toby (Creature Feature)