LURKERS, THE: Fried Brains: CD

Jul 25, 2008

I keep hearing a lotta talk about how this is a return to their roots and sounds just like Fulham Fallout. Sorry to burst a few bubbles, but it don’t, kids. That album is thirty-odd years old now and for them to go back and try to ape that Lurkers would be disingenuous and absolute folly. Swear to Mahfü, for such a supposed forward-looking lot, punkers sure spend a lotta time pining for the days “when punk was punk.” It’s 2008, not 1977, so get with the program, dammit. Okay, so we’ve established what this isn’t, so let’s now establish what it is: a mighty fine punk rock album circa 2008, and quite possibly on of the best contemporary albums in the Captain Oi stable. While there are abundant hints of the Lurkers of yore in evidence, they’ve also added some sophistication to their Ramonesy roots while retaining copious amounts of humor and much thud. It even sounds a little like TSOL’s more recent efforts in some places, which is no faint praise. While on the first song they may be inviting you to “Come and Reminisce,” they ain’t exactly dishing up helpings of stale shit cooked three decades back.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)