LUNA IN TUNA #7: $2 or trade, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 12 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

There wasn’t any contact info in this issue of Luna in Tuna, despite it being one in an established series of zines, but a quick internet dig-around reveals that Reena of LITis one of the amigos in Three Amigos Press, the zine power trio loosely based in Long Beach. That in and of itself is an endorsement of this zine, but I’m going to go on. Reena’s zine is a perzine in the sense that you get a really good idea of the kind of person she is when you’re done reading, but instead of being done through direct “This is my life” tales (though there are a couple interludes of that nature), the reader learns about the author mostly through top ten lists (“Top Ten Filipino Superstitions,” “Top Ten Things I’m Surprised I Actually Like”), her choice of the City of the Month (She makes a good case for the awesomeness of Cerritos), and random information about Russian puppies as Communist martyrs and her personal ghost encounters. By the time you’re at the last page, it all comes at you like you’ve just met the most interesting person at a party and you’re both a little drunk and the other person just keeps having awesome things to say. This almost never happens in real life; a little more often, it happens in zines. –Bianca (Three Amigos Press!, [email protected])

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