Mar 28, 2016

Joliet, Ill., is not exactly a hotbed of punk activity. This may explain how the punk rock renaissance men in LumberJerks expertly fold so many different styles into their songs. These so-quick-you-might-miss-‘em hops from one influence to the next feel effortless, almost subconscious. The Four More E.P.’s tracks sound like what would happen if the brothers in the documentary The Wolfpack—who spent their whole lives hidden away, confined to their New York apartment—had been exposed to popular culture only through a handful of classic punk records rather than a handful of classic movies. The first seven seconds of the excellently titled “Trailer Thrash” fool you into thinking LumberJerks embrace the jazziness of post-punk masters Fugazi before launching into an authentically snotty, no-fucks-given punk reminiscent of The Dead Kennedys, punctuated with buried love letters to Sex Pistols and The Misfits. The frenetic, grinding vocals on “Schizo Episode” sound like Darby Crash posthumously conceived a lovechild with Choking Victim-era Stza—sorry for that mental image. Standout track, “Somthin,” is a surprisingly melodic Frankenstein’s monster of punk influences that has been given—inexplicably—Blondie’s heart. “Garage Hopping” introduces a little Operation Ivy into the mix, but also maybe shades of Strung Out, and possible a nod to The Go-Go’s? It’s just… it’s weird, you guys. And these days, that is perhaps the highest praise one can bestow. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Chump,

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