LUDICRA: Self-titled: 12”

May 26, 2008

I’m amazed at the movement that crust music has made in the last several years toward being lighter and fluffier. It used to be that crust records were easily distinguished by their black and white covers featuring bull skulls, vulture skulls, or maybe snapshots from war-torn or impoverished lands. The music tended to be so thick and impenetrable that you could hardly decipher the bass from the guitar as they jammed their fists into your guts. But now we get bands like Ludicra with their fancy full color (although still very bleak) covers and their beautiful guitar solos and choruses with clean vocals. Maybe this isn’t crust at all. Maybe it’s that stuff that crust always seemed like it was trying to be. What was that called? Oh yeah… Metal.

 –mp (Life Is Abuse)

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