LUCKY PUNCH: Kick Up a Hullabaloo: CD

Jul 06, 2007

At low volume, one song has an irritating high-pitched beep that made me twitch, an epileptic reaction to strobes. A whiskey-induced tantrum triggered by the beep brought instant death to this CD, which is too bad—I was starting to enjoy it. Track two, “…Just Keep on Goin’,” is the best one on the album, beginning with a tight and rumbling bass line and breaking into a tight chorus, which I find quite arousing. Because the CD isn’t available for further audio inspection, my last known impression: Supersuckers metal (quantity and quality) and Suicidal Tendencies timing and swagger. It’s a shame I can’t do a little more justice for these longhairs—but that beep...

 â€“thiringer (Dead Beat)

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