LUCKY BOYS, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

Apr 29, 2016

As you might imagine, it could be an awkward situation when you are given a disc to review of a band that you are friends with. What do you say if you don’t like it? Well, I will save that worry for another day because Seattle’s Lucky Boys refuse to put me in that position. Having shared the stage with them on many an occasion, I knew they were an amazing band, but hearing their recorded output for the first time confirms it. They’re a force to be reckoned with. Fast, rock’n’roll-tinged punk rock played well (these guys have played in a lot of killer bands over the years) and pushed over the top by Kim’s stellar vocals. There is a reason I love going to Seattle any chance I get. The city is full of great people playing in great bands having a hell of a lot of fun. Lucky Boys are at the forefront of that for me. I’m going to have to scrounge up a copy of this on vinyl. 

 –Ty Stranglehold (Lucky Boys)

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