Feb 28, 2008

One time, I was at a Lubricated Goat show, and I yelled for my favorite Lubricated Goat song “Japanese Train Driver” after every song, and they never played it, and I was swimming in a sea of Milwaukee’s Best, because at that time they packed it in longnecks, and I swam home in it, and I discovered that “Japanese Train Driver” is by Grong Grong. I was terribly embarrassed. Later, singer Stu Spasm moved to New York and got stabbed in the brain. Apparently, recently, he formed a new Lubricated Goat and re-recorded several extant Lubricated Goat songs and they sound pretty good. I no longer have any of my Lubricated Goat records, so I can’t do a proper comparison, but I don’t remember Stu’s voice sounding so much like Lemmy or the guy from the Anti Nowhere League. Must’ve been the brain infection. Prime AmRep postpunk.

 –doug (Reptilian)

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