L.S.D.: Discography: LP

Jan 18, 2007

It amazes me how some people can get a lot done and there are other people who get nothing done. It seems more of the latter. Craig / Schizophrenic Records is one who does a lot. Here, he unearths a discography-worth of material from a band only hardcore record nerds might even have the knowledge of. Mid- ‘80s Japanese band who came from the same time period as G.I.S.M., The Execute, Laughing Nose, and many others. During that time period, it was kind of hard to get punk records from Japan. I got a few by chance, including the Great Punk Hits comp that featured a L.S.D. track. It has been a long while since I have pulled out the comp, but I recognized the song immediately. Being of Japanese heritage, I was obsessed with hearing punk bands from Japan. What I got my hands on, I listened to repeatedly. Around that time, each country seemed to have their unique sound. Sweden, didn’t sound like Germany. Well, this collects their first release, which was a flexi; their first 7”, Jast Last; the track from Great Punk Hits; a studio demo of the song “Jast Last”; and a live show from 1984. I’ve only heard about and seen pictures of their first two releases. Hearing the actual songs, these guys were a fierce bunch. The music is abrasive and powerful. Mid-tempo but well performed. Being from a technologically advanced country, many of the recordings I have heard from that time period seemed to always have good production. This is no exception. The vocals, even though screamed, are audible and mixed right where they need to be. The guitars sounds have that almost metal feel due to it being the cusp of the crossover period. Drums and bass are the rhythm that ties everything together. To actually hear the music is satisfying. Would I love to own the originals? Of course. But seeing how an original G.I.S.M. record goes for sometimes $300+ on eBay these days, these originals are probably going to cost more than my left nut to purchase. A re-issue does me just fine. L.S.D., which I never knew, stood for Lustmord, Snatch, and Death’ein Bodie. That was kind of a typical bad translation you would see from Japan, but it meant something to them. But then again, Japanese to English never translates well as a whole.

 –don (Schizophrenic)