LOWEST, THE: Self-titled: CD

Mar 18, 2015

Oh my, oh my, it smells like Milwaukee, ca. 1993... stale beer, cheap cigarettes, and a basement show in the bowels of Riverwest, replete with gutter-bred punk rock mayhem. But I’m soooo wrong! These dudes are from Warsaw, Poland! I would not have guessed; this is much in the vein of early ‘90s Midwestern bottom-scrapers like Demise, F-, and Dis. This has got a good combination of mid-tempo fury and churning, sludgy desperation, all wrapped up in minor chords that lend an ominous and threatening quality to the whole thing. I’m a real sucker for this sound, but it’s not often that I come across an example of it that sounds completely new (as this does) within this tried-and-true genre. I was in the middle of some sort of important work-related shit listening to this and I had to stop what I was doing and just listen, which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Then I opened my eyes and I was standing in front of the stereo, screaming along with the songs, tasting my long-forgotten twenty-two-year-old’s angst in my mouth again. Nice. 

 –Eric Carlson (Pasazer)

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