LOWER CLASS BRATS: The New Seditionaries: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Musically, this is a progression from their previous albums. The music has a tad more rock’n’roll-ness to it and the album seems to be a musical maturation for the band. However, the lyrics seem very surface level and one dimensional. The lyrics and sentiment expressed seem pigeonholed in a teenager mentality—not that teenage sensibilities are bad, but it seems like most of the lyrics are trivial. The song, “New Seditionaries” literally says this one goes out “to all the prostitutes/ standing outside the bar/ this one goes out to the dykes/ you know we love the girls.” It just sounds trivial and silly. It actually made me laugh. A few songs seem to touch on genuine subject matter like “I’m a Mess,” which details the feeling of being lost and hopeless in life. An unexpected track is “Lip Music” which is an acoustic number that features piano. It’s very catchy and for some reason I can picture Duane Peters dancing his jig to it. Singer, Bone’s vocals are still raspy and low, and there are several sing along type songs. What really stands out for this album is the artwork on the CD insert. I like the way it’s laid out and the way each song has a different theme to show the lyrics. The album has its ups and downs, strikes and gutters.

 –jenny (TKO)