LOW FORMS: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 18, 2015

Duluth, once a town famous for mummy doctors and iron-rich agate stones is now giving way to Low Forms—Sunday afternoon punk with gnarly bass throbs, steady beats, and no-frills buzz of a Scared Of Chaka or M.O.T.O. type. These are all a part of that vaporous Lake Superior mix that makes A side “Cherry Tigers” a beauty and the feel-good song of the spring for people who are high functioning but, I don’t know, think there is nothing wrong with drinking in alleys once in a while on the way to a show. Or maybe just folks who loved Rocket to Russia but also like the idea of a singer with the melodic range of a Motowner. The B side “Pendulum Swings” ain’t bad, but the other rollicker “They’re Trying to Get Their Hands on Me,” a track that Low Forms played on University of Minnesota’s Radio K, is the one that makes me want them to hurry it up and bring on the album. 

 –Jim Joyce (Tectonic Plates / Big Action )

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