LOW FIVE: November: CD

Nov 16, 2010

I have no idea what the hell is going on here but I am enjoying it. Although I was tempted to abuse the band for having the name Low Five, I’m willing to overlook such a minor atrocity because the music is so fucking diverse yet still striking in its efficiency. It’s a combination of home recordings of Guy Henry (who is Low Five) and then other tunes recorded with a full band rocking out. While the first track is a throwaway, the second track is an acoustic guitar number that sounds influenced by Latin guitar playing. Then, all of a sudden, the third track sounds as though it was a b-side from a Don Caballero or Slint album. The fourth song is arcade noise and feedback while the fifth song goes back to the loud/soft dynamic that seems as though it was pulled out of the handbook of A Minor Forest (assuming they wrote a handbook, which I’m guessing they didn’t). This fifth track, “They All Eat Trees,” also displays Guy’s vocals for the first time, albeit briefly. The songs go back and forth like this for the ten tracks on the album: home-recorded guitar and noise and math-rock intensity. They range anywhere from thirty seconds to just over twelve minutes. The tunes that rock are really good but the home recordings also are endearing and intriguing (see “Untitled” as proof). Diversity is certainly prevalent on November and I’d love to hear more from Low Five. I’m sure they’d be interesting live, too.

 –kurt (Saint Rose)