Low Culture radiate hook-laden tunes like a punk pop supernova. Everything I have ever loved about Shang-A-Lang and Marked Men are scrambled together to formulate these two songs, “Reservations” and “Don’t TellMe.” Although the lively singing barely peaks over the rapidly strummed guitars and nearly lo-fi production, the vocals still support each song with their head-bobbing catchiness. The twists and turns of “Reservations” are brilliant, emphasizing the fact that Low Culture isn’t simply another garage punk band: They are crafting thoughtful punk music for those of us who have heard it all before. Needles//Pins are the ideal companion to Low Culture’s scrappiness as they are confident and awe-inducing. “Hateful” is an anthemic pop behemoth with more bravado and expressive crooning than a dozen other bands combined, while “Bored” is one of the best fuck-all garage songs I’ve heard in years. (“I’m bored, motherfucker, and I just want to go home” is the motto for disaffected Generation Y.) By definition, this is a perfect split. Both bands are genius pop songwriters, and what better way to enjoy them but to listen, back to back, to some of their best efforts yet. 

 –Sean Arenas (Dirtnap)