LOW CULTURE: “Evil” b/w “Slave to You”: 7”

Jul 26, 2013

I had the best dream. It’s 2013 and contemporary Bad Brains was secretly swapped out with Low Culture, like coffee at an expensive restaurant. Punks looking up to big stages are saved a rambling, lackluster reggae sermon and are instead blasted by one of America’s best punk bands. Low Culture: anxiety and insecurity rarely sounds this confident and secure, amplified and powerful. Because no matter how much I say, “Lightning bolt strikes adobe gold!” about Low Culture, it’ll fall on deaf ears to “thirty dollars is a reasonable ticket price” punks. It’d be also be fun to see Bad Brains in back yard or a small club. If it was 1982, with back flips and hardcore, not the soft stuff they’re peddling now, kind brother.

 –todd (Drunken Sailor / Cut The Cord That…)