LOW BOW / DINGED UP: Split: 7”

May 06, 2015

Mixed bands meet mixed emotions for me on this release. Low Bow’s powerful start enthralls me, speaks to me, and even thrills me. Single Mothers meets Les Savy Fav (circa Let’s Be Friends), this record starts to grow on me, grow to be a part of me, embracing every second to come. I am captured, held hostage in Low Bow’s Side A. After a few listens, I free myself from Side A and venture to Side B, Dinged Up. Significantly slower than Low Bow’s side, Side B seems deeper, more meaningful, full of power, but it’s all a goddamn illusion. Song 1, “Big Red,” captivates me, then leaves me disappointed with the follow up, “Made of Grief.” As much as I loved, and even embraced the previous three tracks, I cannot see this getting much rotation on my record player. I wish I could throw Side B song two in the garbage forever, and live in a perfect world where this record includes everything but that

 –Genevieve Armstrong (Genjing, genjingrecords.com / Wallride, wallriderecords.com, [email protected])