LOVEY DOVIES: Self-titled: CD

Jul 14, 2011

Fuzzed-out, noisy rock in the realm of bands like Dinosaur Jr, Archers Of Loaf, and Pavement: walls of distortion, quieter, near-acoustic breaks, tuneful, and driving. In a just world, songs like “Comatose” would be on radios everywhere. Despite the crashing drums and guitars, there’s a forlorn feeling (a mood that repeats in songs like “I Like People”) pervading the whole song. It really pulls you in and changes the mood of the room. Really, this is the type of music that has a few layers going on, making for interesting repeat listens. There’s a particular feeling here that’s enticing, which had me going back to this many times, and allowing myself to get carried away by focusing on the bass lines, or the layers of guitar, or the delivery of the lyrics. The songs are arranged with a particular flow that carries you the whole way through. Well worth the effort to get this one.

 –M.Avrg (Teen Fuzz Swamp Cult Of Swirly Hypnotic Rat Eyes, [email protected])