LOVETAPS: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em b/w Goodbye Sunshine: 45

The first time i heard this a-side, i really would have sworn that i was listening to some great old punk 45 from late ‘77/early ‘78 ((and, by that, i mean a REAL punk 45 from an ACTUAL band who might’ve recorded two songs in the real world in late ‘77/early ‘78, not some leopard-spotted-safety-pin cartoon thing that likely only happened in your imagination))—catchy tune, slightly underproduced, dueling pub-rockish guitars, occasionally incomprehensible lyrics that seem good, even though you really have idea what the fuck he’s saying ((though i’m about 90 percent sure that “don’t you ever come out alone?” is the hook))—it just seemed no-frills classic, like the songs on that Beggar’s Banquet “Streets” compilation ((which remains one of my favorite punk comps to this day)) or something. I was actually kinda dumbfounded when i found out it was a modern band, though, with repeated listening, i’m not so sure what i found so dumbfinding about that. IT JUST HAS THE ESSENCE OF CLASSIC-NESS, DUDE. B-side is more of a downtempo sixties moper, which seems to be a growing trend amongst b-sides these days. Amazingly nowhere cover art will require extra diligence on the part of the consumer; i assure you that there is no possible way you will take notice of this record in a 45 bin unless you are specifically hunting for it. SO SPECIFICALLY HUNT FOR IT! BEST SONG: “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em” BEST SONG TITLE: Both song titles—AND the cover art—suck. Yet i assure you it is a great record! I also assure you we are open. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Insert features an image taken from the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” episode of Star Trek, which was, in fact, the show’s second pilot and the first episode with Captain Kirk.

 –norb (Super Secret)