LOVESORES, THE: Formaldehyde: 7”

May 30, 2014

You know those times—everyone has them—when you just can’t get into new music? I hit a spell of that this summer-into-Fall. Just nothing doing anything for me. This ended the day I received a package of Lovesores records in the mail, ended with a hard slap in the mouth for my piss-poor attitude. The Lovesores are the current outfit of Scott “Deluxe” Drake. The man is rock’n’roll royalty in my house. Drake’s curriculum vitae is long and storied, his most notable outfit being The Humpers of course (let’s line up the rest of ‘em: Vice Principals, World’s Strongest Men, Suicide Kings, Fabulous Prizes [did they ever put out any wax before morphing into The Vice Principals?] If anyone at Razorcake HQ knows, get in touch! Designated Dale, I’m looking at you...). The Humpers have been one of my favorite bands for almost twenty years. That is scary to think about as I write it, but it’s true. Anyway, Formaldehydeis The Lovesores current release, but I gotta heap praise on the whole of their output. I hadn’t heard a Scott Drake release since 2009’s Beneath the Bloodshot Lights EP. I’ve been eagerly waiting for his next record to drop, but through my own ignorance I nearly missed The Lovesores 10” from earlier this year and the two-song 7” from early 2012. Lovesores are very Humpers-esque, possibly closer than any of Drake’s other bands. It helps that Humpers alum Jeff Fieldhouse slings axe and co-writes (although I hear he is not in the current live lineup). Present is that swagger, that snarling vocal delivery. Imagine Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers on uppers instead of downers. Lovesores have a big sound, with scorch your pee-pee axe work (give you a dollar if you can find where I stole that gem from) but there’s enough shit and dirt still left in the mix to keep it real. I feel like I’m slighting the rest of the band, though! I gotta find out what other bands they’ve been in because, yeah, they’re kicking my ass right now. 

 –Sal Lucci (Hovercraft)