LOVESORES, THE: Focke-Wulf vs. Spitfire: 10”

Boy, do I love it when people in bands realize what they do well and just focus on doing it. I have absolutely no problem with a one trick pony as long as the trick is a good one. Focus and mastering a style seem to be things that are underappreciated in music these days, in favor of being diverse or constantly evolving. The Lovesores are the new band from Humpers singer Scott “Deluxe” Drake and they sound a lot like the Humpers, which is to say they rock like fuck. Few singers can do this mid-tempo type of rock’n’roll this well without being embarrassing or a caricature, but Scott Drake pulls it off with ease. From Suicide Kings to Humpers to Vice Principals, and on through a couple of solo records and now the Lovesores, you cannot go wrong when looking for some damn fine rock’n’roll. I would prefer it not be delivered on a 10” record but on a 12” 45, but that is a minor quibble. I will now have to get on the stick and get the rest of the Lovesores discography, as I have been sleeping on this great RNR juggernaut. 

 –frame (Hound Gawd!)