LOVER!: Man in the Woods b/w Foxhole Madness: 7”

Jan 14, 2009

The a-side sounds like an ultra-trebly, lo-fi Memphis garage punk version of Supertramp. The b-side sounds like the Small Faces, if they were one foot tall aliens with big yellow heads and their eyes on stalks. There is strange potential in this music, but i am quite unable to articulate that any further. I thought that perhaps wearing the 45 sleeve as a hat of sorts would stimulate my articulateness, but, after some time so engaged, that avenue turned out to be a bit conceptually hollow. BEST SONG: “Man in the Woods,” i think. It sounds so dramatic and foreboding! Unfortunately, i can decipher no words, leaving me to invent my own story, likely involving wolves and gingerbread. BEST SONG TITLE: I’ll say “Foxhole Madness,” because it doesn’t remind me of “Boys in the Trees” by Carly Simon. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The cover art was taken from an ad for Lucky Products, Inc.’s 100 Piece Toy Soldier Set, which ran on the back page of Forever People #11 ((among others)), Oct.-Nov. 1972. Made of durable plastic, each with its own base!

 –norb (Rob’s House)

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