LOVEJUNK: Tribulations: CD

Here are some guys who can mix it up. Driving melodic songs that pound out one minute and go catchy in another. As I read, I see that they formed in the early ’90s and have been struggling like many a band. The guitars screech with a distorted blare while maintaining a sense of melody. The vocalist has a scary resemblance in delivery to Tom Petty. It’s not over-produced and has a particular rawness that is a tradition of Crackle Records. If you like a more of a rock sound that pounds with melody, you should seek this out. I read again that they wear their influences on their shoulders. The Replacements, Ramones, Husker Du, Descendents, Weezer and early Soul Asylum are referenced. Now, be an individual, and decide if you are going to look for this.

 –don (Crackle)