LOVE SONGS: Hot Buns (The Sequel to the Theme of the Sequel to Top Gun): 7”

Mar 17, 2008

I wish more bands were like Love Songs. I’m at a point if I go out to see a band, I want to see a show, and these guys deliver, full ‘80s heavy metal meets Hickey attack and all. The A-side claims to be the sequel to the theme of the sequel to Top Gun, and, well, it’s just that. Don’t be mad at me for not being able to expand on it more than that; be happy there’s a band that will actually sit down, think of, and execute an idea like that. The B-side is a more standard number, which I’m fairly sure isn’t sung by Craig Ums, but still great. Pick this up, as well as their underrated full lengths.

 –joe (Thrillhouse)