LOVE SONGS: Another Guaranteed 40 Minute Music Set: LP

Mar 05, 2010

Mark this up as not necessarily Love Songs’ fault; that our date didn’t go so well due to mismatched personalities. 1.) Metal guitar virtuosity and I do not get along. I’m unimpressed by Eddie Van Halen mostly due to having to choke his licks down from blunt overexposure from sixth to twelfth grade, growing up in a rural high desert town. 2.) Spam Records-style rockin’. Oh, it’s rockin’, but it’s jokey and then not jokey, and I’m often left shruggin’ and not compulsively pulling those records out and playing them all the way through. Is that broccoli fencing on that dude’s belt buckle? Yup. 3.) “Weird Al” Yanokovic-style spasticality from song-to-song and inside of songs. Is that a well-played trombone? Oh, yes, it is. Is that a held falsetto? Why, yes, it is. Was that a genuine guitar solo? (See 1.) Everything is played, recorded, and mastered exceptionally well, and although I’m trying to not let it get to me, I’m getting annoyed. Sorry. I’m sure they’re just having a lot of fun.

 –todd (Little Deputy)