LOVE MOON: Clouded Bliss: LP

Mar 28, 2016

Stoner rock, sludge, post punk, whatever the Melvins are… this fits into some mix of those genres. Great-sounding recording done in the band’s practice space; it’s clear, warm, and not trying to be too heavy, just rocking. Good riffs and pounding drums play an equal role in guiding the feel of the record. And because it seems Love Moon comes from a punk background rather than metal, no riff or song section is ever beaten to death. These are concise songs that never bore the listener by unnecessary repetition. The only thing that keeps this record from reaching that next level is the vocals. They’re not unlistenable, grating, or anything like that, they’re just not all that varied from song to song. With the exception of “Starstuff”—which contains a chorus hook that is undeniable—all of the songs’ vocal patterns, cadences, and melodies (to the extent that shouted vocals can be melodic) are very similar, and contribute to a bit of a lack of distinction between songs. Really though, that’s a minor complaint; this is a solid first album for this Oakland, Calif. trio. 

 –Chad Williams (Drink Or Die,

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