LOVE ME NOTS, THE: The Demon and the Devotee: LP

May 13, 2011

Classy, seductive, style-conscious, Detroit-inspired garage rock from Phoenix, AZ with respectful-to-their-vision Jim Diamond production. So, if you’re thinking, “Huh, you could almost be explaining the Detroit Cobras,” yeah, you got me. The organ’s more churchy and slithery than, say, on-fire Bomboras. The vocals are more plaintive than the chanteuseyness of the Detroit Cobras or as shouty as the Gore Gore Girls. Often, when the tempos slow, there’s less of a classic rhythm and blues or soul feel, instead a late ‘80s-early ‘90s college rock backdrop; along the lines of The Church or The Breeders. In fact—and this will probably help out ten people—a more garage-conscious, restrained interpretation of The Wiretaps. (Who are well worth seeking out.) That all said; it’s a very enjoyable record. It’s got nice stomp, swagger, and celebrates with impeccable musicianship and distinctive song writing.

 –todd (Project Infinity, [email protected])