LOVE CANAL: “The Rotten Ones” b/w “We’re Not in It to Lose”: 7”

Sep 11, 2012

LoveCanal formed in 1982 in Huntington Beach and naked on the cover of Flipside number seven. Mystic comp appearances up the ying yang. Olympic auditorium shows. Invited to the Goldenvoice thirty-year party. It’s a Dog’s Life So Blow It out Your Ass was released on National Trust (home to Fang, MIA). Pretty unimpeachable pedigree. Just wish I liked the songs on this debut 7” better. One pretty hurried Big Boys cover and very standard, fair, but almost faceless original. Great packaging and artwork. Sorry, Rick. Fan of the band; this just left me a little flat.

 –todd (Hostage)

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