LOUIS TULLY: I Was a Dog Once: 7” EP

Jan 31, 2008

I’ve never seen a 7” with a layout like this. Okay, close your eyes to visualize it. Well, maybe read it and then close your eyes. Think of the 7”s that have a full front cover that folds to the back, but then only goes up about half of the way in the back. Okay, now take that idea, turn it sideways. Now, slide the sheet so it’s centered and there are two flaps coming in on either side. Got that? Okay, then in the exposed part, where you would see the record, they’ve slipped in a sheet of paper with more artwork. So, you’ve got the cover artwork (on green) with the both complementing and contrasting artwork of the interior artwork (on white). Sue me: totally get off on stuff like that. So, they’ve definitely got a concept going here with Ghostbusters being a huge influence (I’m saying three of the four songs, but I could be wrong and “Wet Brain” could make it a full four). They’re dancey and fun (The drumset calls them the Louis Tully Party Program for good reason). And it may be schticky, but I like schtick every now and again. I’ve heard they did a 2-D show involving paper cutouts, but I did make it to their 3-D show (which is pictured on their second 7”) where they handed out 3-D glasses to everyone in the audience. Fun, fun, fun. Oh, and fun trivia: they’re not joking around with their love of the NES (the controller is in the artwork): their keyboardist has beaten Super Mario. Playing with his feet. Drinking beer. Seriously. That shit’s on YouTube.

 –megan (Repulsion)