Jan 31, 2008

I don’t know what kind of crack these guys pump their keyboardist full of ((if crack is indeed a pumpable item)), but he starts out sounding like a church organist on crack ((not to mention possessed by high Naz Nomad & The Nightmares-ism)) on “What a Horrible Night for a Curse,” quickly shifts gears to “dude from Styx on crack” mode in “Werewolf Lincoln,” switches to comparably less uncommon “dude who really wants to play stuff like Genesis or something, but winds up falling in with a punk band playing at seven times the speed ‘cause he’s weird, not to mention on crack” mode in “Zodiac,” but then in “Society’s Been Canceled” he really doesn’t sound like he’s on crack at all, only, like, Red Bull® or something. Well, crack is kinda pricey i guess. Meanwhile, the band blazes on, yelling about curses and werewolves and shit, but you probably gathered that from the song titles. Although this quintet hails from my home state of Wisconsin, i can best describe them in terms of two Pacific Northwest bands, as they sound like what i imagine the Minds would sound like were the Minds possessed by the aesthetic desires of the Dead Vampires. Fuck you, Seattle, we took your baseball team! When Portland has something we want we’ll take that too. BEST SONG: “Society’s Been Canceled” BEST SONG TITLE: “What a Horrible Night For a Curse” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The front cover depicts the band in matching pairs of 3D glasses; however, count the number of lenses and you’ll find that the blue lenses outnumber the red lenses five to four. Ha, Wisconsinis a blue state, but not by much.

 –norb (Repulsion)

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