LOUD ONES, THE: Time to Skate: CD

I love skate rock. It all goes back to reading Thrasher magazine at the age of thirteen. There weren’t many places to skate in the dead of the Canadian winter, so I would sit around in my room with my Thrashers, pouring over every single word and photo as my fingertips would get blacker and blacker from the ink on the newsprint. I would read “Pus Zone” and “Notes from the Underground” and learn about a huge subculture of punk and hardcore bands comprised of skaters. I quickly started searching out bands such as The Faction, JFA, and Drunk Injuns. Worlds collided. My teenage mind was blown. Songs about skating by skaters! A huge part of my life (to this day) was formed. Back then, I never had the chance to hear The Loud Ones. I’m sure I’d heard that Alva pro Fred Smith III had been in a band, but it had always eluded my ears until now. What we have here is a reunited Loud Ones recording some of their old classics, along with some new tunes. While projects like this can be dicey at best, I am incredibly happy to say that this album is amazing! It may have been recorded in 2012, but they sound like a skate rock band that has been in a time capsule since 1984. I can’t tell which are the old songs and which ones are new. It’s just pure guitar shred and snotty, ridiculous songs about skating. I love this so much! As if that wasn’t enough, the disc also includes their original demos from 1983 and 1985 and some live tracks from 1984. Add cover art by Bobby Brown (one of the best skate artists in the biz today) and you’ve got one hell of a package! 

 –ty (Beer City)