LOTUS FUCKER: Forever My Fighting Spirit: 12” EP

Last time I heard these guys was from their split with the Wankys. I liked the Lotus Fucker side of that record much better, and this twelve incher does not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. Very heavy and noisy as hell. They definitely are inspired by the Japanese noise merchants of past and present, but they wisely put their own spin on the whole deal. The rhythm section is a force to reckon with, as the drums pound and rumble with near-devastating effect. The bass is bubbling and thumping along while the guitars crank out the white noise and strangled notes (are these notes?) that create this really tight tension throughout. I find I like the B side with “Inner Peace” the most. They take a risk and break from the formula with successful results. The ending where the horns come in was unexpected, and the horns work. If they keep this mindset, they could definitely stand out among the growing horde of noise bands that are proliferating like fleas this very moment.

 –M.Avrg (Katorga Works, [email protected])