LOTUS EFFECT: Rabbits & Royalty: CDEP

Jul 29, 2010

I’ve gotta admit: with a name like Lotus Effect, I really expected a hippie band. Instead, I got this: “Lotus Effect is a progressive-alternative rock band out of Houston, TX, with comparisons to Muse, Soul Asylum, and At The Drive-In. Lotus Effect combines gritty guitar, blistering bass lines, and complex rhythms with melodically aggressive vocals to create innovative alternative progressive rock” (from their website). Does that description make you as excited about Lotus Effect as I am? I will say that at least their singer has a strong voice, although, in all honesty, it does sound like something that should be fronting a “progressive-alternative rock band.” I should note that they get kudos for giving some of the proceeds from this album to good causes (armed forces’ veterans and childhood cancer treatment).

 –kurt (lotuseffectmusic.com)