Bring on the post-punk, bring on the death rock, bring on the goth rock. These guys remind me of some of the bands killing in the Northwest right now, like Bellicose Minds, The Estranged, Spectres, Arctic Flowers, and Countdown To Armageddon. The songs have a good drive to them, with moody bass lines and tight mid-tempo post-punk drums. I like how tough these songs sound but not in a macho way, in a rock’n’roll sort of way. The layering is nice, with some saxophones added in there. They don’t overdo it with the keyboards, so the songs breathe nicely. Fans of a lot of the older bands like Killing Joke, Christian Death, and Sisters of Mercy will easily fall in love with this record. I’m always happy to hear new bands making really great dark music like this. Nice work, Lost Tribe. Nice work, Mass Media! 

 –Ryan Nichols (Mass Media, [email protected])