LOST TRIBE: Demo: Cassette

Sep 23, 2011

Lost Tribe blew me away when I saw them live, and this demo captures their essence pretty well. Playing mid-tempo, reverby punk with lots of synth, the band calls to mind the best of ‘80s goth punk meets ‘60s psychedelia. The bass lines figure quite prominently in the front of this mix and—combined with the guitars—create neat riffs that get caught in your head. A few songs get a bit repetitive, but the quality of the riffs keeps them from ever getting monotonous. The same cannot be said for the vocals. I don’t know if it’s just the recording, but the vocalist came off flat and monotone almost throughout this demo. The few parts where he screams—which I would have wanted to hear more of—are where things get more dynamic vocally, but, overall, the vocals are rather a disappointment compared to how awesome this demo is instrumentally. Still, Lost Tribe has one of the most interesting sounds I’ve heard recently, and this is definitely worth checking out.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Lost Tribe)