Nov 20, 2012

Lost Lost is a collection of Lost Sounds demos and rough mixes of songs. The fidelity of the tracks is pretty rough at times. But in some instances—such as “Black Coats/White Fear”—the out of tune vocals and coarseness of the four-track recordings enhance the songs. “Black Coats/White Fear” was recorded in 1999, when Jay was only eighteen or nineteen years old. The track has a stunning urgency to it. Jay sings with complete conviction over an acoustic guitar and sparse percussion. Whereas synth pioneers Kraftwerk celebrated European grandeur, Jay and Alicja’s societal vision was, like the movie Metropolis, dark. Their lyrics—often focusing on an upcoming dystopia or the nervousness of contemporary society (check “Throw Away” and “Glued to the Screen”)—was the inverse of Kraftwerk’s celebration of machine as liberating force for mankind. The Lost Sounds had two creative heavyweights in Jay and Alicja. Knowing the pathos of Jay’s life—and the psycho geography of postindustrial America—Lost Sounds was (and remains) the synth-based soundtrack for corporate bailouts and high unemployment rates. There are some odd tracks on here too—like a cover of ‘60s garage song “I Cannot Lie”—and the inclusion of sound effects Jay and Alicja created but had never gotten around to using. Lost Lost is definitely worth having. Jay and Alicja worked well together and their music was always enhanced by synthesizers. Lost Lost is a nice ending to an incredible band.  –ryan (Goner, goner-records.com)