LOST SOUNDS: Future Sounds: 12" EP

Jul 11, 2007

What separates the Lost Sounds from the garage bands “experimenting with keyboards” hordes is their tight, weird, hard-wired science. Like a perfectly exposed photograph of a ‘50s monster laboratory, they’re sinister in a charming way. They’ve got a great sense of setting an atmosphere. Laboratory rats with smoking CPU chips stapled to their heads and nitroglycerine aural experiments bubble all around. Not far away, a flickering, overcharged Tesla coil of sound crackles and burns flashes of songs directly into the back of your brain like a polaroid. What keeps it all nice and non-ass is that the Lost Sounds are also all very tuneful, suggesting, perhaps, that there was more to glean from new wave’s first emergence in the ‘80s than I first surmised. It just had to be hammered into pieces and Frankenstein’d together by the right scientists.

 –todd (In the Red)