LOST SOUNDS: Demos and Outtakes Volume 2: 3 x 7” Box Set

Feb 21, 2008

While the terms “garage rock” and “new wave” have recently been smooshed together like a forgotten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a back pocket, and most bands affecting that pose sound like a soggy mess, the Lost Sounds have tightened the screws on the hull of their monster of sound. From the eerie subject matter – including zombies and graveyards – to the b-movie world of lost planets, to the crackling, jumpy, synth-addled, guitar tramplings, the Lost Sounds started out by inhabiting distant worlds and are now setting their eyeballs, glowing green with radiation, on this planet. The wide structure of the band – I hate to use the word “concept,” because so many concepts are too damn fruity, but that’s what it may be – is analogous to Man… or Astroman? Substituting mutant wolverine new wave in the place of intergalactic surf opuses, the band is bigger than any one isolated part. A cacophony with it toes dipped in melody. How all of the pieces come together is the really exciting part. This box set’s a perfect example. You’ve got the music – fifteen songs on three seven inches – but it doesn’t stop there. Included are also a booklet, a poster, a pin, a photograph, and a piece of candy. Much like MoAM? The Lost Sounds seem to be as interested in creating an entirely new world as much as they are with creating new songs. This collection, as the title suggests, has alternate and earlier takes on a lot of their songs. It also includes one song that had never been released before, “Chopping Block.” Awesome. Limited to 500.

 –todd (Rockin’ Bones)