LOST BALLOONS: Self-titled: LP

Mar 28, 2016

It would not be an outlandish statement to say that I worship at the altar of The Marked Men. I know I am not alone. I get excited every time I hear that a member of that band has a new project going because I know it will be quality. Lost Balloons can be added to that growing list of amazing records. A two-man collaboration featuring Jeff Burke (Marked Men, Radioactivity, et cetera) and Yuske Okada (Suspicious Beasts), my first reaction was that sonically it falls in with Mind Spiders (featuring Marked Men and Radioactivity bandmate Mark Ryan) more than Burke’s other projects. I like that. I am not familiar with Okada’s other bands, but I think I am going to have to hunt them down because I really like what he is doing here (musically, as well as all of the artwork). In a nutshell, if you are familiar with Jeff Burke’s music, you know what to expect; well-crafted songs with incredibly depressing song titles. (“I Water a Tree (Called Depression)” and “Murder Me on Stage” instantly come to mind). As you would expect, I can’t recommend this record enough. 

 –Ty Stranglehold (Alien Snatch)

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