LOSS, THE: Last Rites: 7”

This five piece from Seattle has that “it” factor that people talk about, yet can’t ever seem to wrangle it for themselves. It’s something that is so easily recognizable when it’s right. From the moment I first heard them, I was submerged in feelings of bliss mixed with shades of sadness. But it’s that deep kind of sadness that you only notice in people who have also experienced severe loss. They make me feel the true definition of melancholia blended with hope and elation. Extreme feelings and rad tunes, to boot. As a genre, they’re very melodic hardcore—rapid, high intensity drumming with despondent guitar harmonies, gruff vocals, and pop punk “whoa-ohs.” My favorite song is the first track on this EP, “Domestic Relief,” with choruses of: “We are the children of broken homes / But we hide ourselves.” Gives me fucking chills every fucking time. These guys are serious, experienced, and finely tuned. They’re a tight, well oiled machine. And, sadly, they’re no longer with us, but at least they left this behind before they split up. Definitely a top ten band of all time for me. Pick this one up. 

 –Kayla Greet (La Escalera)