LOSE THE TUDE: Self-titled: 7”

May 13, 2011

Topically progressive, posi hardcore from Ohio that splashes itself in the cologne of garlic, Charles Bronson (the band (for sure), perhaps the man (not sure)), human sweat, Spazz, and the backbone chanty wangdoodle of Youth Of Today without the outright laughable bits. By looking solely at the inside cover, I thought they hailed from a land like England that had cops with funny hats, and wondered if that the cop who’s covering a streaker’s naughty bits with his helmet put it back on his head after covering the dude’s sweaty penis, or charged the hippie with willful destruction of public property. If pro-graffiti, anti-corporate shoe, anti-apathy, dealing-with-jealousy and the-creeping-disease-of-jadedness hardcore sounds like go time for you, Lose The Tude’s ready to be laced up to start doing musical pushups in your ears.

 –todd (Sacred Plague)