LOS OLVIDADOS: Listen to This!: CD

Jul 21, 2009

Listen to this is right! All I can say about this why, WHY wasn’t this mandatory tuneage released way back when so it could’ve achieved the legendary status it deserves? This puppy has enough vitriol and sonic BOOM to stand up to damn near any other release from the same time period, namely the early '80s, and there’s not one shitty song in the bunch. Hell, even the “hidden” track rocks; a rare occurrence, indeed. I move that we completely forget that this just came out, keep telling ourselves that we used to own it way back when on vinyl and that it’s a damn good thing that it’s now out on disc, ’cause if any punk record deserved reissuing this year, this one is it. Don’t pick this up, get a fail on your “Punk Rock 101” final. Them’s the rules, kids.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)