LOS GATOS LOCOS: Even Sociopaths Get the Blues: CD

Jul 26, 2014

This being my first venture into the psychobilly genre, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by this band’s intensity. The opening track “Dog Eat Dog” burns at a rippin’ pace laying a foundation for a killer record. The powered up tempo and in your face lyrical content of “Psychobully” has got to be the highlight of this record for me. I can’t imagine these guys not including this song in every one of their live performances. Another solid performance is the song “Stark Raving Normal”, complete with a Misfits style sing-a-long chorus. Whether you’re a metal head (did I mention they blast through Iron Maiden’s “Running Free”?) or a hardcore punk, this album will not disappoint. These guys have definitely opened my eyes to a whole new genre of music and I look forward to hearing more. 

 –Brent Nimz (Zodiac Killer)