LOS FEDERALES: La Maldicion de Los Federales: CD

Aug 09, 2009

Los Federales are fast, raw, and noisy, but the more I listen to this album, the more impressed I am. I hear a lot of early eighties hardcore in it. Sometimes I can close my eyes and feel like it’s a remake of Not So Quiet on the Western Front, but then more elements rise to the surface – tinges of great Tucson garage bands like the Weird Lovemakers or the Fells. The songs become more complex and less derivative, and the music is something that could only exist here and now. The lyrics are all over the place, with intelligent songs about living in the global economy or being forced to grow up as nothing but a consumer, songs about “How Your Church Can Destroy Your Childhood in One Easy Lesson,” and songs that are just about waking up hungover. This is seems to be a purely DIY album, too, with lo-fi production values and straight-outta-your-printer packaging, but who cares about that. This is a great new band. I really like this album and I’m keeping my eyes open to see what these guys do in the future.

 –sean (No Theme)

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